Welcome to the Safety Sleuth Program & Student Project. We are excited to present this program to educators and thank PSEG Long Island for sponsoring these resources with their generous contribution.

Our young students are smart and curious. They like to try new things and find out how things work. There is so much to learn during these early elementary grades and how to be safe is very important. The Safety Sleuth program presents an interesting and fun way to learn how to be safe.

The Safety Sleuth program offers two lessons (multiple activities within each) and a culminating student project. This project offers an opportunity to have students share what they have learned and teachers can use this as an assessment tool as well. Students will be thrilled to become “CERTIFIED SAFETY SLEUTHS”,

The Safety Sleuth Program & Student Project is fully funded by PSEG Long Island and, therefore, FREE to Long Island and Rockway educators and students.

Are your students ready?

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