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Submit Your Project

What to know

Teachers will choose 5 projects from their class to submit to PSEG Long Island for a chance to be exhibited at an island wide digital exhibition, as well as, at selected PSEG Long Island Customer Service Centers.

The culminating project will be the student’s creation of an expression of their understanding of what the student has learned. PSEG Long Island will provide poster paper for each participating students to create their art. Educators will select 5 student posters to then be submitted for the program gallery. The project submission deadline is May 17, 2024.

How to upload your PROJECT

  1. Fill out your School Release Form
  2. Fill Out Project Submission Form (one form needed per class)
  3. Follow the instructions that are provided on the form and submit


If you run into any issues with uploading your PROJECT please try one of the following:

  • Clear your cookies – Not sure how? Determine what browser you are using (Chrome or Safari) and Google, “How to clear cookies for X browser”
  • Clear your history
  • Check with your IT department to see if firewalls are getting in the way or try using a personal email address to submit

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