The Safety Sleuth Program has grown into two amazing parts – in-class lessons/projects and a Touch-A-Truck Assembly

Join Safety Sleuth and work with your students as they look at our surroundings, think about what is safe or unsafe, make safe choices and share with others how to do the same. Just like any smart sleuth, your students will want to bring their curiosity and pay attention to detail. They can make a difference at home and school.

For your classroom – Safety and Situational Awareness Lessons:

Safety Sleuth has been designed for grades 3-5 and includes safety lessons, one teacher guide, a class set of student guides and a corresponding student poster project with poster paper provided.

Students Will:

LOOK – Discover many ways they can “see the situation” and determine what is safe and unsafe.
THINK – Learn to use and assess situations and act responsibly and safely in their homes and community. Learn to communicate clearly and in detail about situations that may feel unsafe.
DO – Take responsibility by making informed choices about electrical safety and other areas where they may be unsafe. Take positive actions to be careful.
SHARE – Learn how to explain to others what happened, where it happened or inform and inspire others to be careful and why.

Teacher Guides are provided along with the Student Guides. Lessons are cross-curricular and are aligned to both the Science and Engineering Practices from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Ten Themes of Social Studies from the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), the New York State English and Language Arts (ELA) standards and the Core SEL Competencies from the Collaborative for Social, Academic and Social Learning (CASEL).

All of our resources are available for use in-class and virtual or hybrid environments.

Teachers will complete the lessons with their class and choose 5 poster projects from their class to submit to PSEG Long Island for a chance to be exhibited at a Long Island museum exhibition. The culminating poster project will illustrate the students’ expression of their understanding about electrical safety.

For your assembly – Schedule a Safety Sleuth Touch-A-Truck Visit.

PSEG Long Island’s Emergency Response Utility Workers with a state-of-the-art bucket truck and related equipment are ready to visit your school.
Teachers will be sent an event Pre-Lesson and students will receive hard hats and Safety Tips booklets.

Choose one or both programs for your class and school.

Are you ready?

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