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Submit your PSAs here

Students will work in teams of 2-4 to create their PSA.  All team submissions will be sent to the teacher for review. Each Teacher will then submit the top 3 PSAs for each of the classes that they teach. 

For example, if a teacher teaches 3 classes, they would need to fill out 1 form for each class and can submit 3 PSAs’ per submission form.

How to upload your PSA video via Google Form

  1. Fill out your School Release Form
  2. Submit your videos here
  3. Fill out 1 form for each class that you teach
  4. Upload your student videos
  5. Hit submit


If you run into any issues with uploading your PSA’s please try one of the following:

  • Clear your cookies – Not sure how? Determine what browser you are using (Chrome or Safari) and Google, “How to clear cookies for X browser”
  • Clear your history
  • Check with your IT department to see if firewalls are getting in the way or try using a personal email address to submit

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